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thanks to Andrew Zimmern, Molly and team for putting together another awesome carts in the parc.

Back for a second year, Andrew Zimmern will host Carts in the Parc, a celebration of the food trucks and carts that define all that is of-the-moment in a great culinary city like New York. The Eventi Hotel’s outdoor FoodParc will house more than a dozen food trucks while restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow’s concept food court serves up its best selling mainstays inside and out. On the main stage, a live band keeps guests in the rhythm as they sample bites from truck to truck. Those who want to relax can lounge in the serene Eventi Park and watch Zimmern film his online show Appetite For Life while honoring these mavens of the motorway.   

Participating Food Trucks and Carts:

Bian Dang-
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck –
Biryani Cart
El Rey del Sabor
Kelvin Natural Slush Co. –
Korilla BBQ –
Melt Bakery –
Mexicue –
Michael White – 
NY Dosa Cart
Patacon Pisao –
Rouge Tomate –
Schnitzel & Things –
Souvlaki GR –
 Sweet Street Desserts -
Taim Mobile
The Milk Truck – 
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    Este es un Dream team culinario de chefs renegados: Andrew Zimmern (izquierda), Anthony Bourdain (derecha) y Adam...
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    Thanks for sharing your pics, Helen. I’m glad you and the boyf were able to make it.
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