behind-the-scenes at work (Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown) and at play.

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DC asks Tony 5.2 questions at Comic Con 2012

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Here’s a joint comic I did with Harvey Pekar and his artist Gary Dumm that accompanied the NoRes Cleveland show in 2007. Harvey did his version of the experience and Gary and I did mine. View the rest of the comic here. 

In honor of Comic Con coming up this weekend, check out the joint comic Tony did with Harvey Pekar and his artist Gary Dumm. Visit his facebook for the complete comic.

Tony will be doing GET JIRO signings at SDCC at the following dates/times:
Friday at 4pm - DC Booth #1915
Saturday at 1pm - DC Booth #1915

Panels he will be on:
Friday at 5:30pm- Room 6DE
Saturday at 11:15am- Room 6DE