Tony on Epic Meal Time


I just had a facebook message interaction with Anthony Bourdain. Interaction with favourite TV Show’s host: check!

Now if he would only take me half way around the world to eat strange delicacies..

If you’re curious, I asked him what he thinks of EpicMealTime, to which he responded, in usual Tony fashion:

This is hardcore, military grade content, to be used in wartime PSYOPS situations ONLY. Not Safe For Children, the even pleasingly plump—or fans of Paula Deen. In fact, don’t let Ms. Deen see this. She’ll steal recipes for her nearly as lethal show.


Never hurts to ask, right? :) 

If you’re a fan of No Reservations and have an ipad, definitely check out this free app called Flipboard. You’ll find that if you add Tony’s twitter handle (@NoReservations) or the Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations facebook page, you end up with very cool results in magazine-like format like this: 

 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Facebook Page: 



Tony’s twitter - @NoReservations


try it!

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